The Dirty Truth About "Clean" Superfood Powders

Some Organic Food Companies Are Hiding a BIG Secret

It seems just about every food company these days wants to cash in on our appetite for clean, healthy, and natural foods.


In fact, last year alone, sales of organic food products were $61.9 billion (yes, billion with a "b") in the U.S. (and over $220 billion around the world)...

Organic food is now big business. But there's a big secret many food companies are hiding from you.

Meaning organic food is now BIG business.

But there's something many of these organic food companies DON'T want you to know.

And it could be SUPER critical to your health.

In fact, when I first found out about this, it made me really angry — because in my opinion, there's nothing worse than false advertising.

If a company promises that its products are certified organic, fair trade, and sustainable, then that's exactly what I expect to get from every single ounce of their product.

Only that's NOT what's actually happening.

So if you're already consuming superfoods (or know someone who does), or if you're just curious about how you can eat healthier and more naturally, then what I'm about to tell you is critically important for your health and longevity.

But before I share that with you, I need to tell you a little bit about myself.

I'm Kristel — one of the co-founders of Your Super.

When my co-founder Michael was just 24 years-old, he received a surprise cancer diagnosis.

Believe me, we were absolutely shocked. Both of us were young, healthy athletes playing tennis at a professional level, so a cancer diagnosis was the last thing either of us ever expected.

Well, after Michael went through chemotherapy and his cancer safely went into remission, I was determined to help him regain his strength and immunity and feel better than he did before.

I started buying all these loose bags of health ingredients — like maca, wheatgrass, barley grass, chia seeds, lucuma, and spirulina — and began mixing them into "superfood" powders that I'd give to Michael.

Within weeks, Michael began to feel — and look — better than he did before his diagnosis.

And I even started to feel the effects myself: my allergies and skin eczema began to clear up, and I suddenly felt lighter and more energized. It was amazing!


So believe me, I know from experience the powerful effects that food can have on your health and well-being.

Your Super founders Michael and Kristel believe superfoods are the key to good health.

Which is why I'm writing this today.

Because there are many food companies out there that SAY they're using only the highest-quality organic ingredients on the planet…


But the truth is 99% of the brands out there are adding crazy things into their products in order to trick you.


And that's my first point:

Superfood powders are NOT always healthy.

Some superfood companies "pad out" their products with cheap fillers or use sweeteners to make their products taste better.

How do I know this? Simple. Just take any organic "health food" product and turn it over to look at the ingredients list.


It should ONLY include whole foods.


If you see any words you don't know, can’t pronounce, any unspecified ingredients (like "natural flavors"), or any cheap "filler" foods (like flax seed powder) my advice is to STAY AWAY.

Here are a few of the other crazy things I discovered when I began researching other so-called superfoods on the market:


  • Many companies add sweeteners like stevia to their mixes to make them taste better. These sweeteners can trick your brain into thinking more sweet foods are coming, actually making you feel hungrier than you did before you ate! (I told you these were crazy.)


  • Some acai berry mixes on the market contain as little as 2% actual acai powder — there's nothing "super" about that!


  • So-called natural flavorings — which are appearing in more and more "healthy" food products — can basically be anything, including highly-processed foods. And there's NOTHING healthy about that.


  • Some factories will add a couple liters of cheap cooking oil (yuck!) to the production process to make the product less powdery, cutting down on cleaning costs. (And in case you're wondering… No, they are NOT required to put this on the ingredients label.)


So my advice is simple: Always check the ingredients label on the food you buy. 


Now, given how common it is for companies to cut corners on their ingredients, you'd think every batch of superfood ingredients coming in is tested for pesticides, herbicides and bacteria, right?




Which brings me to my second point:

Quality testing is NOT the standard for most superfood powder suppliers.

Typically, when you ask a superfoods wholesaler to tell you WHERE their ingredients are coming from, you'll get one of 3 answers:


#1 "We tested the batch for this particular supplier last year." (What do you mean, "last year?" A LOT can change from season-to-season!)


#2 "We do some randomized testing, but this batch was not included." (You mean you only test SOME of your products?)


#3 They'll almost NEVER tell you which exact farm or region they're getting their ingredients from (so you can't even prove if what they're saying is true).


As you can imagine, responses like these REALLY make me mad.

These wholesalers are importing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of superfoods and they can't even pay for a $100 test?


So I decided to do something about it and personally guaranteed that ALL of our superfood mixes are third-party tested for purity and potency.


Because what good are superfoods if they're contaminated, or low quality, or grown using pesticides and herbicides?

Wholesalers import hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ingredients. So why won't they pay for a $100 test?

But what about "organic," you ask?


Well, that brings me to my third point:

When it comes to superfood powders, organic doesn't always mean organic.

Recently, I've noticed some big suppliers delivering organic ingredients at a fraction of the normal price.


Which is why most superfood brands buy their superfoods from a handful of large wholesalers and simply choose the cheapest ingredients to maximize their profits.

Organic certification is VERY important. But not every country has the same high standards.

But here's the "dirty secret"…

These cheaper "organic" ingredients often come from countries with MUCH lower organic standards than Europe or the U.S.

And it's not ONLY about organic standards…

Unlike the grasses coming from Germany, the U.S., and New Zealand, these "lower standard" grasses have a completely different color, smell, and taste.


You literally CAN taste the difference (so if you've ever spat out your "healthy" wheatgrass shot, there's a good chance you were tasting the cheap stuff!).


And when it comes to algaes like spirulina and chlorella, the differences are even MORE extreme.

High-quality spirulina and chlorella from Europe is the gold-standard for these powerful superfoods.

Once I tried organic sources of spirulina and chlorella from France and Germany — grown and harvested according to super strict EU standards — I was blown away

NO fishy aftertaste, an amazing nutritional profile, and actually tasty.


Yes, it's more expensive than the other stuff, but believe me: It's worth EVERY penny.


Now, don't get me wrong: Plenty of high-quality organic superfoods come from countries with official low standards. (In fact, I've sourced some myself — and they're fantastic.)


Just remember: Many superfood brands are looking to cut corners to increase profits and it shows in the quality of ingredients they're sourcing.


So check if the brand buys from smaller independent suppliers (like we do), does 3rd party testing (like we do), or simply send the company an email to ask for more information if you can't find it.


Now, before I tell you how to get your hands on the world's highest-quality superfoods, I need to make two more points super quick.

#1 — Watch out for exploitation.

Many superfoods come from developing countries like Brazil, Peru, Senegal, and Tanzania.


Because the soil is so amazing in these places, they also produce many nutrient-dense superfoods.


Which causes many consumers to wonder: Am I stealing their healthy food?

Well, when these superfoods are responsibly exported, it can really boost the local economy and improve the well-being of thousands of people.



The large wholesalers often put profit ahead of the needs of local people.

When food is purchased directly from the farmer, you can guarantee quality and support an entire community.

They want to buy these superfood ingredients as cheaply as possible and then sell them to food companies at high prices.


Sadly, that means they're often exploiting farmers and farming communities in these developing countries and all so they can make some extra money.


Worse, the brands buying from these wholesalers often have NO idea about what is going on at the source.


That's why it's so important for brands to source directly from independent suppliers.


That way, they can develop good relationships with the farmers and ensure YOU are always getting ingredients purchased in small batches at the peak of their freshness.


(In fact, these relationships are probably MORE important than the country the superfood is coming from.)


So be sure to always search for brands who communicate openly and honestly about who they're working with and where they're sourcing their ingredients.

#2 — Look out for irresponsible brands.

Remember, the point of superfoods is to make you healthy!


So you can probably imagine how disappointed I was to discover how many people are in the superfood business to make a quick buck.


It's my belief that these irresponsible brands start doing right by their customers… Be open. Be honest. Tell us where your ingredients are coming from.


However, the sad truth is that most companies don't stand behind their products.


That's why here at Your Super, I am 100% committed to ensuring every single one of our mixes uses only the highest-quality ingredients from around the world.

Your Super superfood mixes source from small batch farms and use ingredients picked at the peak of their freshness.

Every single batch is independently tested for purity and potency.


We're also building a 100% transparent supply chain and source our foods directly at origin as often as possible.


In fact, I've visited with many of the farmers who grew these superfoods myself and seen firsthand the care they have for the food they grow and the environment they live in.


It's really inspiring and it's why I call these farmers Your Superheroes!

Your Super founders Kristel & Michael on a sourcing trip. We work hard to ensure every ingredient is super high-quality.

Because when food is grown the RIGHT way, it's also way healthier — with more vitamins, more nutrients, more minerals, and most importantly, more TASTE.


And when foods are healthy and delicious like this, it means you also don't need to add harmful sweeteners, preservatives, or any of the other "junk" so many companies toss into their superfood mixes.


The food you put into your body every day is FUEL.


It's what powers the complex chemical reactions that make life possible, gives you the energy you need to tackle work and family life, and helps you look and feel GREAT at any age.


Here at Your Super, we've created powerful superfood bars and mixes that can help you easily achieve YOUR health goals. Mixes like:


  • Grateful Gut — for smoother, more comfortable digestion
  • Energy Bomb — so you can enjoy clean, natural energy all day long
  • Skinny Protein — to help you build strong muscles and feel confident in your body
  • Forever Beautiful — to help you look and feel fantastic from the inside out
  • Golden Mellow — so you can relax while you support a strong immune system


Plus many more.

Our Ultimate Health Bundle is a great way to get started with our powerful superfood mixes.

And these mixes are also easy to use. Simply add the recommended amount to smoothies, bowls, or a glass of water (or plant-based milk) and enjoy!

I truly believe once you try these superfood mixes for yourself (especially our 5-Day Detox Bundle), you're going to look and feel better than you have in years.


Just picture yourself waking up FULL of energy and ready to tackle your day…

Wake up every day with more energy, more confidence, and a healthier-feeling body.

Feeling strong and confident in your body…


And really enjoying food again, since meal times will leave you feeling alert and energized instead of sluggish and drained.


That's how dramatic the changes can be.

And I'm so confident you're going to LOVE how you feel once you try these mixes, that I always offer my 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.


If you aren't satisfied with your mixes over 30 days, simply contact our customer support team and we'll send you the most up to date returns information and organize a refund.


So let me be crystal clear...


There's never a better time to start transforming your health than right now.


Which is why I'd urge you to find the superfood mix that's right for you ASAP.


Because I want to read YOUR success story next. :)